No Laugh, No Good.

My writerly comfort zone is character orientated drama. Give me two people in a room having a conversation fraught with subtext and a hint of unresolved sexual tension, and I’ll sigh a sigh of content familiarity. However, I know comfort breeds laziness, so I’m trying to write things that test and challenge me, which has led to tentative explorations in new pastures: comedy sketches and punny, innuendo laden erotic prose.

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Prior to my revelation that writing for TV was the life for me, I used to make films. This was due to my involvement with Lock Up Your Daughters, a queer collective of DJs, writers, filmmakers, artists and various other creative vagrants based in Glasgow. I remember attending my first LUYD club night downstairs at The Admiral, a green undergrad of about twenty-one, keen to make an impression and to find a pack to call my own. My over-enthusiasm and earnest desire to get involved led to me writing for their zine, DJing at their club nights and running their filmmaking group. To say that I cut my creative teeth with them is a bit of an understatement.

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All downhill from here – a self fulfilling prophecy.

Or: How I started a blog to write more and then stopped writing.

As you may have noticed from the gulf of time since my first post, I have a real difficulty with procrastination and the disabling fear of committing something to a blank page. Obviously, in writerly circles, this is an eye-roll inducing cliché. But like many writers, the crushing weight of creative angst and temptation of Buzzfeed quizzes that claim to know your masturbatory habits by a random colour choice (hot pink), form canyon sized potholes in the road towards that ‘publish’ button. And believe me, my road has been plagued with many, many potholes.

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